Chicken Coops in the Backyard

Chicken Coops in the Backyard

Clean Air Gardening offers environmental friendly lawn and garden supplies. If you want free fertilizer to your organic garden, having few chicken coops in your backyard would be a good decision. Chicken poop is one of the best organic fertilizers because of its high nitrogen content and most of all, it’s free. A small backyard flock would be a good source of eggs too which you can include in your everyday meals. If you haven’t started yet, you may check with your city first if you will be violating any city ordinances. In most places, poultry-raising in the backyard is not an issue and besides, city ordinances are now more lenient when it comes to having a few hens in the backyard.

When you are ready to become an urban chicken farmer, you need to be aware of what to consider when buying chicken coops. Because poultry-raising within the backyard is now becoming popular, many designs are now available in the market. The choices include portable chicken coops, small chicken coops, and even chicken houses with runs. The Eco-Friendly Chicken House Coop with Pen is a high-quality eco-friendly chicken coop that can accommodate up to four hens. The Mobile Chicken Coop with Pen and Wheels is what you should get if there is a need for you to move it around the yard.

You may start with a few backyard chickens using the Small Backyard Chicken Coop which can house 2-3 chickens. It is designed with a pedestal so that the chicken hen house is raised from the ground. If you are looking for a larger chicken coop, the Large A Frame Chicken Coop would be the perfect choice. It has a run than can allow up to 16 square feet of fresh ground for the chickens. When it’s time for the chickens to roost at dark, they can use the upper tier, all 12 square feet in size for roosting and nesting as well.

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