Cheap Master Saddles for Sale

Cheap Master Saddles for Sale

When you go over the fall protection harnesses in the market today, you will notice that some are quite expensive. Good thing there is Arbor Tech Supply that can guide you where to shop for high quality fall protection harness at reasonable prices. And when we say high quality, it only means that safety is given the foremost considerations. After all, your life is far more worthy than any other harness so safety should not be compromised for whatever price there is. Arbor Tech Supply offers cheap master saddles for sale. And all their saddles and harnesses are reasonably priced to satisfy their growing number of customers.

Arbor Tech Supply provides the market with full body harnesses. They offer different styles such as X style, Y style, and even H style. Everything offered at a price you can’t resist. When you shop for full body harness, you first select the one that appeals to you. Then look for your size which could be small, medium, large or x-large. And lastly, you just select how many you are getting and you’re done with your shopping. Arbor Tech Supply has a great collection of cheap master saddles for sale. There’s the classic master saddle and the deluxe master saddle. The classic master saddle has individual leg straps with interlocking buckles. There are six connection loops and medium dee rings. It also features a step in waist belt with 2-sided mounted friction buckles. The deluxe master saddle on the other hand has eight loops for overhead suspension. Its waist belt has two side mounted Y2 friction buckles. And you can choose a cushioned seat if you prefer that.

The classic master saddles are from Buckingham Manufacturing. They are tough and durable designed for use in rough conditions. The sizes available are small, medium, large, and X-large. There are designed to last long in the tree management services profession. If you’ve been fond of the Buckingham Master Saddles fall protection harness for quite a long period of time already and you decide to shop from these cheap master saddles for sale, you will enjoy big discounts from Arbor Tech Supply. They even offer free shipment on qualified orders.

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