Charlie Sheen is Dead – Truth or Hoax? Here’s the Real Deal

It’s all over the news, a lot of fans were shocked as the headlines said Charlie Sheen is Dead. Definitely this is a hoax because Charlie Sheen is very much alive. For all the fans and friends who were concerned whether the death rumor was indeed true, you may now leave all your worries behind because, for the record, Charlie Sheen is still alive. Actually, it is Charlie Harper who we will be missing for good. In fact it was also on headlines recently, “Charlie Harper is Dead.” This may have started the death rumor for Sheen. It will be remembered that Charlie Harper is actually the character Sheen has played in the TV sitcom Two and a Half Men. People behind the popular show decided that the character played by Sheen should be removed permanently since Sheen is already out of the show.

So that clarifies everything up. Fans of Charlie Sheen don’t have any reason to cry and be confused because Sheen is alive. It is the “Charlie” in the Two and a Half Men show who is deemed as “dead”.

Charlie Harper is one of the lead characters in the CBS comedy sitcom, Two and a Half Men. Charlie Sheen had played the role for years until he has to leave the show because he had been involved in many personal controversies.

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