Certified Tax Accountants

Certified Tax Accountants

Acquiring the assistance and guidance of a certified tax accountant is essential for your individual and business financial success. Visit http://www.evangelista.net to find the best teams of certified tax accountants who can help you achieve your goal. They are well experienced individuals who are committed in their field of expertise. You are guaranteed to get personalized assistance including income tax planning and understanding the laws of New Jersey taxes, among others from one of the top CPA firms in the area.

There are lots of accounting firms in New Jersey but if you wish to find a firm that can provide you other things aside from the basic services, Frazer, Evangelista & Company, LLC employs New Jersey accountants who can help you to get accurate information across a board range of areas. You can go to their website to get more information on how this firm can be of your service.

Warren Frazer is a CPA who used to work in corporate accounting and he also worked in public accounting for Ernst & Ernst. Then he decided to put up a Certified Public Accounting firm to establish his own practice. He wanted to provide a more personal level of accounting services to businesses who need help in their finances. The firm started operation in 1972 in North Brunswick, New Jersey and went to business until 1977. It was in 1994 when Warren decided to have a business partnership with Marylee R. Evangelista who is also a CPA. Then in 1999, the name of the firm was changed from Frazer & Company to Frazer, Evangelista & Company. In 2002, Warren retired and left the direction of the firm to Marylee.

In 2009, Evangelista & Associates, PC, founded by New Jersey entrepreneur, Ralph Evangelista, CPA, and Frazer, Evangelista & Company merged, thus the birth of Frazer, Evangelista & Company, LLC. To continue proving excellent services to their fast growing list of clientele, they still do business in their former offices in New Brunswick and East Brunswick.

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