Causes and Cure for Lack of Energy

Causes and Cure Lack of Energy

Fatigue is something that has been known to cause stress, depression and slows a number of people down. While most think that fatigue is restricted to adults, it may also cause problems in young adults and teens as well. Since fatigue has been linked with a number of medical conditions as well, it is important to address the signs of fatigue almost instantly and work towards understanding the cause as well as making sure the cure is readily available. Lack of energy in daily life can disrupt the routine to an extent where a person becomes frustrated and starts losing hope and confidence in the things that would otherwise be easy to tackle.

Lack of Sleep. The first thing to address is the amount of rest you are getting every day. If your sleep hours are not enough to give your body rest and recuperate enough to give you energy, you will not be able to get through the day easily. Make sure you ban cell phones, laptops, PDAs from your bedside and rest without interruption.

Sleep Apnea. This is a disorder that interrupts breathing when a person sleeps. Unaware of the interruption, the person may wake up several times through the time, thus sleep is disturbed and the body is not given enough rest to generate energy for the next day. The basic steps to avoid this include losing weight and cutting down on smoking if you do smoke, aside from that, the symptoms may need medical attention.

Fuel Your Body. Lack of energy could be because the food you eat is either not giving your body energy and nutrients that would be used to produce energy, or the food is too less. If your diet is too small or it is restricted to fast foods and junk, try making small changes to the same and you would notice big results.

Anaemia. This can be the leading cause of lack of energy in women. The lack of iron in the blood makes it difficult for red blood cells to carry oxygen to the muscles, thus reducing the amount of energy being produced in the body. If you too are being affected by fatigue, get a blood test to find out and iron supplement or an iron rich diet could be the solution.

Hypothyroidism. The thyroid is a gland that controls the release of a hormone which decides the rate at which the body releases energy from the food. If the hormone secretion in the body is less than normal, the energy that is derived from food would be less, causing fatigue and laziness while also making a person put on weight. This can be diagnosed through a blood test and controlled through synthetic hormones.

Hidden UTI. A number of people who have not had a UTI before may find it unlikely to have one now but the fact remains that it could be a cause of the fatigue in the body. UTI is characterized by burning sensation in the urinary area, and also with loss of bladder control. However hidden UTI may present loss of energy and mild flu like symptoms. If the diagnosis reveals UTI, it can be treated easily with a set of anti-biotic

Diabetes. People with diabetes are known to suffer from lack of energy. This is because the sugar derived from their food remains in the blood stream. The absence of insulin does not allow it to give energy to the body as a result of which the person feels tired through the day.

Dehydration. The body needs a fluid intake even when on a sedentary job. The mistake that people make is to assume that the body only needs to be hydrated while it is doing physical exercise. However, the body needs water at all times and this can help to bring back some lost energy.

Food Allergies. It has been established that a number of food allergies are mild and do not present themselves into the open easily. The minor symptoms include loss of energy and feeling of fatigue. Address the food you eat, including small components of it may help find the cause.

If neither of these factors affects your lack of energy, then you might want to try and introduce exercise into your routine. A number of times, a laid back schedule through the day make the body accustomed to the same and subsequently, even regular activities begin to feel like heavy tasks. Exercise well and eat healthy, along with giving your body adequate rest and you should have energy to get you through your day.

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