WordPress – 404 Error on All Pages Except Homepage

If you are reading this, most probably you are encountering the issue stated in the title of this blog post. Put that depressed look off your face and replace it with a smile because I’ve got the solution to that problem. I just actually saw this in a random forum and I am posting this for the sake of spreading the good word to all my fellow bloggers.

How do you solve the issue of having 404 error on all the pages except the homepage in WordPress? It’s a simple process consisting of two basic steps.

  1. Go to Settings > Permalinks.
  2. Press “Save Changes”. (no need to make any change in the settings)

And there you go! Problem solved!

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Free Web Templates Online

If you are in the process of creating a website, there’s a simple and elegant website builder that is for free. The IM-Creator gives you the chance to experience simple and enjoyable website building and the best part is that it can be accessed by anyone. IM-Creator offers an innovative way of creating a website. The whole process is very simple, clear and seamless. First you choose the design from the free webtemplates available, then you insert your content and then you are ready to publish your website for the whole world to see. (more…)

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Assisted Living Software by Right Click Software

Bring your business to the next level with the help of Right Click Software, the leader in assisted living software. There are different modules available that can surely boost your business that include Marketing Module, Clinical Module, Move-In/Out Module, Billing Module, Operations Module, Dashboards Modules, Reports Module, Software for Assisted Living Accounting Module, Payables Module, Budgeting Module, Operations Management Tool Module, Software for Assisted Living Incident Module, and Setup Module.

You can have a much improved accounting system using a simplistic interface. Application of this assisted living management will help you reconcile your book and bank balances on a day-to-day basis. You also get to monitor payments in a systematic way. Through the help of the drill down capabilities, you can view invoices so you can cut accounts payables immediately. The application can be integrated easily with any type of accounting package.

Dealing with your leads can now be organized through the senior living software. The information you need about your leads can now be accessed easily so that you can monitor the marketing activities of your prospects fast and easy. If you need information regarding inquiries, activities performed, classification of leads, and other information, you can use the Lead Statistics dashboard. Right Click is the best marketing tool that you can use to help you communicate effectively with prospects. You can send brochures and other marketing materials through emails using Right Click. You can create various mediums like lead source categories, referral categories, letter templates, activity list, and referral classifications fast and easy so that transferring of leads from different communities can be done in a jiffy. Right Click Software is easy to use and it’s a great value that offers security for your business. It helps you to save time and can help you to manage your expenses thus increasing your revenue would be a lot easier. Right Click is flexible, efficient and very reliable.

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Search Engine Optimization Services

Do you have problems connecting with prospective customers online? Do you need a boost so your rank would be better for Google searches directing to your products? Or maybe you have to give your website that much needed optimization to increase your raking and build your business. It’s a fundamental factor that you have access to key terms that people use for searches related to your business or product on the Internet. It’s about time you seek support from Globe Runner SEO. This SEO and digital marketing firm never fails its clients in terms of delivering expected results.

Globe Runner SEO works with the best Dallas SEO companies to help you generate a multi-prolonged approach so you will have better rankings in search engines. Among the strategies that they apply include blog creation and implementation, link building, on-page optimization efforts and many others. With Globe Runner SEO, you don’t just get search engine optimization. You can also benefit from their SEO consulting. As an SEO consultant, Globe Runner SEO will analyze your campaign as a whole. In other words, you will be enjoying more than the SEO packages because they’re more of an online business partner.

Using a hands-on approach, you are guaranteed to have a website that is custom-made to the particular needs of your business. Globe Runner SEO provides Dallas SEO services such as understanding your goals in online marketing, developing and implementing strategies so that you will achieve these goals. They would even go to the extent of getting to know you personally if that’s what it takes to achieve long-term results for the success of your business. The key is to research a domain online concentrating on your specific industry and be able to identify the right keywords for your SEO efforts. Having an excellent visual appeal is also important because it’s one of the major factors that can improve your online presence.

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