The Annoying Yahoo! Sports Commenter

best custom essay sites There is this one very annoying guy who frequently makes senseless comments in the Yahoo! Sports page during Rockets games. He’s basically a hater of Jeremy Lin. So what he does is he sucks the balls of either Patrick Beverley or Isaiah Canaan. He’s pretty annoying. That’s all I can say. I am hoping that the Yahoo! Sports page will get rid of annoying commenters. But that’s just impossible. So I’ll just have to press those “thumbs down” icons more often.


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Lin Haters are Really Hatin’

go here I am an avid follower of Houston Rockets games as stated in my previous post. I don’t have the luxury of watching NBA day so I check out the games on Yahoo! Sports. One thing that’s been really bothering me is the barrage of Jeremy Lin hater comments in the game tracker page. Of course there will be “Lin only fan” comments that are equally annoying but the Lin haters have taken it to the next level. It seems like they are just trolling around just to piss off the “Lin only fans”. I am starting to wonder of those hate comments were created by only one jobless dude who’s got plenty of time to create multiple Yahoo! accounts. No one knows.


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A Rockets Fan was Born

here I don’t know if I can call myself a Houston Rockets fan because whenever I check the Yahoo! Sports page for the Rockets games, I always look at Jeremy Lin’s stats first. Then I don’t really care about the other guys or whether the team won or not.

vehicle pollution essay spm But then as the season progressed, I started to care about the whole team. I am actually impressed by the performances of Chandler Parsons and Terrence Jones. Dwight Howard plays like a beast as usual. He’s very dominant under the rim. And Harden continues to prove that he’s the main go-to guy of the Rockets.

a thesis is purdue I wish for them to reach the finals. I am hoping that this team would gain a lot of exposure to the fans especially here in the Philippines where people are mostly routing for either L.A. Lakers, Miami Heat, Oklahoma City Thunder or San Antonio Spurs. It’s time for the Rockets to shine.

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2014 NBA All Star Starter Named

watch 2014 NBA All Star Starters

get link The 2014 NBA All Star game’s starting crew has been named. For the Eastern Conference, the front court starting line-up will be shared by Indiana Pacer’s Paul George, New york Knick’s Carmelo Anthony and Miami Heat’s Lebron James. Their backcourt would consist of Miami Heat’s Dwayne Wade and Cleaveland Cavalier’s Kyrie Irving. For the Western Conference, the front court starting line-up would consist of Kevin Love from Minnesota Timberworlves, Blake Griffin of Los Angeles Clippers and Oklahoma City Thunder’s Kevin Durant. For their backcourt, they’ll have Golden State Warrior’s Stephen Curry and Los Angeles Laker’s Kobe Bryant. However it seems like Bryant will have to be replaced since he is still recovering from his knee injury. Read More