Independence Day for South Sudan

Finally, South Sudan is a new nation as they recently declared their independence. The official declaration was held on Saturday and was read by the Speaker of Parliament James Wani Igga. Hundreds of thousands witnessed the reading of South Sudan’s Declaration of Independence that took place in the capital, Juba.

During the momentous ceremony, some soldiers raised the new Southern Sudanese flag and lowered the flag of the north much to the delight of the roaring crowd. President Salva Kiir immediately took the oath of office. He promised that he will look after the welfare and development of the people of South Sudan and that he will do everything he could in his power to uphold their constitution.

Officially after the strike of midnight (local time), the Republic of South Sudan is the latest country on the world’s list. Street parties were all over the place as the residents of Juba had their first Independence Day celebration.

As part of the celebration, ceremonies will be held at a Juba stadium that was named in honor of John Garang. He played a significant part in the Sudanese Civil War by leading the Southern forces. Sudan’s independence was officially announced on state television on Friday by the Minister for Presidential Affairs Bakri Hassan Saleh.

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Stephen Colbert’s Super PAC Got the Approval of FEC

The Federal Election Commission has given Comedy Central host Stephen Colbert the go signal to set up a Political Action Committee, Super PAC. Colbert wanted the public to be aware of the latest campaign finance laws. Colbert will be enjoying a “media exemption” and will be free to discuss the said committee on his show. At the same time, if corporations or well-off individuals would like to donate to his committee, Colbert would be legally allowed to accept them.

Colbert got the idea of setting up the committee in connection to what some FOX News correspondents and some people in politics like Sarah Palin and Karl Rove are involved with. When they are being interviewed in news programs, they talk about PACs that they are involved with. According to reports also, Sarah Palin would even use the funds from PAC for personal use such as touring her family to different American landmarks.

There were cheering fans outside the hearing room. “Coordinators” even arrived to give support to the crowd and they were wearing red t-shirts with “COLBERT SUPER PAC” signs. Some Department of Homeland Security officers prevented them however from entering the hearing room. Fortunately, they were there not to provoke anything of sort and just stayed on the sidewalk.

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Prince Albert to Marry Charlene Wittstock

Prince Albert of Monaco is soon getting married with South African swimming champ Charlene Wittstock. If he really wants to keep his royal status, walking down the aisle is necessary. Prince Albert is now 53 years old and he has two kids from his past relationships. If no legitimate heir is produced for the Grimaldi clan, Prince Albert will have no choice but to cede Monaco to France. According to history, Monaco had its territory more than seven centuries ago.

The wedding is happening on Friday. After the ceremony, there will be a concert wherein electro pop genius Jean-Michel Jarre is performing. The following day, Saturday, there will be a Catholic religious ceremony followed by a grand ball. Unfortunately, newlyweds Prince William and Kate Middleton cannot make it to the wedding because the royal couple will be on their first official overseas trip. They were in Canada last Thursday and will be in Southern California next.

In other royal news, Prince Harry and girlfriend Chelsy Davy have called it quits again for the nth time. Contrary to rumors, Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton, sister of Kate Middleton, are not a couple yet. In fact Pippa is on a date right now at Wimbledon with ex-boyfriend Alex Loudon.  Prince Harry on the other hand is being linked to lingerie and swimwear model Florence Brudenell-Bruce.

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