Randy Moss Retires – Can We Expect a Come Back?

Randy Moss Retires Can We Expect a Come Back

“Randy has weighed his options and considered the offers and has decided to retire,” This was the announcement delivered by Randy Moss’s agent, Joel Segal.

When we speak of statistics, performance, skills and the right tools in playing football, Randy Moss can be put at the top of the list. If not on top, perhaps one of the top players. To make things short, Randy Moss is a future NFL Hall of Famer.

What happened? After the lockout ended, Moss was looking for the right team as he was currently a free agent. Due to smaller offers, a deal didn’t materialize. The New England Patriots, the team that he loves, signed Chad Ochocinco instead. Other teams weren’t interested to pick him. So the end result? Randy Moss retires.

But is this really the end of the 6-foot 4 wide receiver? Randy Moss is 34 years old, healthy and capable of playing for any team, any time of the day. The retirement decision may have caught many NFL fans especially Moss fans off-guard. But let me ask you, are you convinced that Randy Moss will never play in NFL again? If you’ll ask me, I don’t think so. So I can personally say that I am expecting a Randy Moss come back. Maybe his return might be another surprise waiting to come out of the box when the right time comes. Moss is always full of surprises, color and flash. You can use those adjectives as well to define his performance in the field. Moss raked a total of 954 catches, 153 touchdowns and 14,858 yards in his entire receiving career. He’s simply a beast in the football field.

Randy Moss has played in the NFL for 13 seasons, offering his talent, speed and size to four teams. He played for the Minnesota Vikings upon entering the NFL in 1998, played for the Oakland Raiders in 2005, was traded to New England Patriots in 2007, returned to Minnesota in 2010 and played with the Tennessee Titans for eight games in the same year. Vikings coach Leslie Frazier made some positive remarks about Moss saying, “In a lot of ways, he was the Michael Jordan of offenses in our league. He was a special player for a long, long time.”

I can say that Randy Moss has accomplished a lot in his stint in the NFL. He can be considered as one of the best in the sport and if ever he decides to hang his gears for good, everyone will definitely respect that.

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Dice Games at Biffley’s

Dice Games at Biffleys

When we talk about games for family fun night, dice games are always on top of the list. Biffley’s offers the best selection of fun dice games including Bowling Dice, Crab Dice, Doodle Dice and a whole lot more. There are different variations to choose from and if rolling the dice is something you haven’t tried yet, you can take your time to read and learn more about the games they offer.

Dice games appeal to people of all ages. There are dice games that kids will surely love and there are the types that adults will definitely enjoy as well. Dice games are easy to play and they are the perfect activities with friends on a sleepover or just bonding with the family on a weekend.

If you have been playing dice games in the past and you are already familiar with a lot of them, there is always something new to try at Biffley’s. Always check out the latest games available. They also have this wide variety of 10 sided dice to offer. If you regularly buy dice, Biffley’s offers large or small dice, regular or specialty dice, and many more.

Biffley’s is the best source for your board and dice games. Fun times during your family game night can be made more special by playing board games and dice games. Enjoy shopping at very affordable prices and lavish the comfort of Biffley’s excellent customer service. Biffley’s Bookmark shop is located in a small town in Minnesota. Now, all the treasured and wonderful games are made available online through Biffleys.com.

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Henderson Stops Fedor via TKO in the First Round – After Thoughts

Henderson Stops Fedor via TKO in the First Round - Fight Video

The just recently concluded fight breaks my heart. I am a huge Fedor fan and I would love to see him get back to the winning track. But unfortunately, in his Strikeforce heavyweight fight against Dan Henderson, he succumbs into another saddening defeat. Dan Henderson defeated Fedor via TKO in the first round. I just read about the news on Wikipedia. Yes, I haven’t seen the fight yet and I don’t think I can handle watching Fedor being destroyed. Update: I have already seen the fight, and it’s even worse than just reading about it. Fedor had him for a bit there, but Henderson survived the flurry and landed a huge uppercut from behind which put Fedor face down on the mat. My chest hurts.

Henderson Stops Fedor via TKO in the First Round - Fight Video

Okay enough with the drama-queen mode. Let me tackle Fedor’s future in the MMA world. Will he continue to fight after three heart breaking defeats? I think the initial decision of Fedor would be a retirement. But no one knows for now. I honestly think he should not retire yet. As I mentioned in my earlier post, Fedor still has a good number of years ahead of him. But let’s face it, getting back at the top of the MMA mountain seems to be a fading chance. It is still possible though, but Fedor needs to change things around him.

Henderson Stops Fedor via TKO in the First Round - Fight Video 3

Fedor needs to change training camps. I personally think that Fedor is not having the best training that he can have. He’s got a tremendous skill set, from striking to grappling and submissions. But all these tools could go nowhere if not equipped with a high level of training partners and coaches.

Fedor needs to surround himself with highly motivated training partners. Motivation is indeed a huge factor in determining whether a fighter can be successful or not. Fedor seems to lack motivation. This was also observed by Henderson. But of course we can never judge the heart of another man. Only Fedor can tell if his motivation is lacking or not.

Fedor can still continue fighting. But in what division? Henderson has been in the middleweight division for the bulk of his fighting career. And he beat Fedor decisively. Will Fedor be fit enough to compete in the heavyweight division? That’s a decision to make for the Last Emperor.

Fedor should be less “wild” in his attacks. This has caused him the fight against Werdum. And this time, with Henderson. Fedor seems to be plunging in reckless abandon mode when he smells blood. Werdum and Henderson capitalized on this by staying calm and collected. Fedor was also caught in the face after aggressively bull-rushing at Henderson during the first 15 seconds of the fight. I think Fedor needs to work on that. Technique over aggression can be the key to his return.

Henderson Stops Fedor via TKO in the First Round - Fight Video 2

Early stoppage? Fedor mentioned, “I think [the stoppage] was early, I don’t want to say anything bad about the referee or anything, but it seems to me it was early. I was clearly hit, but I wasn’t hit flush and directly. I think I could have continued, but the referee decided to stop it.” Actually when I saw the fight video, it was clear that Fedor went lights out for a second after being hit by Henderson from the back. But when Fedor turned around, he seemed to have regained consciousness and was trying to defend Henderson’s flurry. I don’t know if I’m just being biased. I’m not taking anything away from Henderson. He was the winner of this fight.

For now, no one knows what’s in store for the Last Emperor. Will he continue fighting? Or is it curtains down for the MMA legend who once was considered by many as the best of all time? These questions will be answered soon.

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Soulja Boy Buys a 55-Million Dollar Jet

Soulja Boy Buys a 55-Million Dollar Jet

As crazy as it may sound, hip-hop artist Soulja Boy just bought himself a customized Gulfstream jet worth 55 million US dollars. The jet alone is worth $35 million. The additional $20 million was for the customizations and upgrades.

And take note, Souja Boy, who’s real name is DeAndre Cortez Way, is only 21 years old. That makes him the youngest African American to own a Gulfstream jet. So much for a Guinness spotlight! Soulja Boy reached stardom when his single Crank That (Soulja Boy) became a number-one hit. He was also listed at #18 on the Forbes list of richest hip-hop artists.

Given the amount of wealth that Soulja Boy has acquired through out his career, I still personally think that buying such an expensive gift is not worth it. But we can never judge his reasons. That’s his hard earned money. He deserves to spend it on anything he wants. Who knows, on his 22nd birthday he might buy a private air strip!

Man, how I wish I could acquire such a huge amount of money. I might buy myself a customized space shuttle, buy a piece of land in the moon and build a castle there.

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