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The microphone is basically a sensor whose function is to convert mechanical vibrations into an electrical voltage signal. All microphones have practically the same function and differ only with the methods they use `to create the electrical signal.

If you are looking for excellent quality microphones, buy microphones for sale at musicians friend and have an easy buying experience. When buying microphones, see if they are categorized by how they are used instead of by type because it would be a lot easier to choose. Condenser microphones are practically the same as recording microphones while live microphones are pretty much comparable to dynamic microphones. However, dynamic microphones can also be used for recording guitar amps and there are vocalists who use dynamic microphones for recording vocals. The top brands for microphones include AKG Microphones, Shure Microphones, and Blue Microphones. Ribbon microphones and harmonica microphones are instrument-specific microphones and they are categorized as specialty microphones.

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