Bulk Feather Boas Cheap

If you want to see a huge selection of feather boas, go to Eskay Novelty Corp. This expanding feather business offers bulk feather boas cheap and exquisite whether you are looking for a particular type or want to order in wide variety. There are different styles of plumes of feather boas available such as chandelle, marabou, turkey two-tone, turkey with ostrich, swan, ostrich, turkey, peacock, coque, nagorie, and guinea plumage among others. You can just click the ‘more info’ tab if you wish to know detailed information of the feather boa that you choose or are interested with.

You are guaranteed to have the finest quality feathers whatever style of plume you choose. The best plumes are used to make sure that every boa that they will offer are full, soft and fluffy. There is a ‘color’ dropdown menu that you can use if you want to find a particular color of feather boa like black, white, pink, red and a whole lot more. Different coordinating feather items such as pinwheels, sweeps, fans, feather pads and many others are also available. Just browse the whole of Eskay Novelty Corp. to look for that specific feather boa that you want.

A multi-generation family-run business, the Eskay Novelty Corporation has 60 years of existence in the industry. They have taken orders through mails, telegrams, faxes and e-mails. And through the years they cope up with modern technology to make sure that they meet the expectations of their clients in providing the highest quality of feather boas on the market.

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