Bulk CD Replication

Disc2day offers bulk CD replication services to meet the requirement of producing 500 up to 1,000,000 discs. Musicians and entertainers who have huge number of followers will benefit in this large order CD manufacturing option. Software companies will have good use of this type of services as well. Reaching a lot of people with the use of mixed media products is now trouble-free through CD replication. It is also easier to distribute large volume of professional looking CDs to retail outlets with the use of Cd replication.
The process of bulk CD replication is quite simple. First you need to take the original data and then make a glass master copy. The master copy is used to press the original data to a blank CD which is called a pressed CD. The pressed CD is now ready for faster and efficient replication process. The two methods of printing used in CD replications are offset and silkscreen. The silkscreen is printed at 125 DPI and is industry standard. The offset print on the other hand is printed at 135 DPI and will cost you a few more cents. It is also the preferred print for photos and detailed images.
Disc2day takes pride in their ISO 9660 certification and Phillips Licensing and using a unique quality control program, they guarantee that all replicated CDs of the highest quality.

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