Brian Cushing Suspended Due to Steroid Use

Brian Cushing of the Houston Texans suffered a major blow to his young and fresh pro-football career after being suspended for four games because of alleged use of steroids or performance enhancing drugs. Cushing made an appeal regarding the allegations last February but just recently, last Friday to be exact, his appeal was rejected. Despite the four-game suspension, Cushing will be allowed to join the rest of the Texans for the Training Camp this summer.

According to Houston general manager Rick Smith, they were disappointed about Brian Cushing’s suspension since the guy plays a vital role in their team. But he stated that despite the loss, they need to be prepared to win games without Cushing.

The 2009 NFL Draft 15th pick overall and defensive rookie of the year has just turned 23 this year. He played college football at the University of Southern California.

The steroid use controversy has been a huge factor in the downfall of many athletes, not just in football. Many mixed martial arts fighters suffer from suspensions and even lay-offs because of alleged usage of performance enhancing drugs. This has also been a major issue between the most anticipated fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. The late WWE superstar, Chris Benoit succumbed into a double-murder suicide case because of the so-called “roid-rage”.

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