Boxing Commentator Nick Charles Succumbed to Death at 65

Nick Charles died of bladder cancer early Sunday, just a couple of days away from his 65th birthday. He was in his home in Santa Fe, N. M. Charles used to be a CNN Sports anchor and he was also a boxing commentator for Top Rank, Showtime and HBO. His death no longer came as a surprise because the cancer is already on stage four and even Nick was aware that it was coming. Good thing he was able to complete his dream house for his family before he died. He even left his 5 year old daughter Giovanna a piano which he personally searched online. He really worked hard to make sure that he will be leaving his family in good faith.

Until his last breath, he lived up to his motto which is “Embrace life, no matter how dire the circumstances.” Even when he got really sick and was in constant pain, he still finds time to enjoy what life has to offer with his family and friends including Top Rank’s Bob Arum. Nick has a passion for boxing. He loves everything about boxing. He never gets tired of watching, reading and talking about boxing. He lived his life to the fullest. He had a life full of accomplishments and he gave us all a great fight.

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