Box Cutter Products

Martor USA is synonymous to safety. They offer a wide variety of knives, cutters and box cutter products. Many of these products have exclusive, patented safety features. Some of their popular safety knives and safety cutters are the ergonomic knives, spring loaded knives, strapping cutters, deburring tools and a whole lot of box cutter products. When using a cutting material, our top most concern is safety. As much as possible, we don’t want accidents to happen and in particular we want to reduce our OSHA recordables. Martor USA understands the apprehension of consumers so they make it a point that knife safety is represented in all of their safety knives and box cutter products.

Martor USA have been doing the business for almost three decades now. Back in 1981, Martor USA started out under the name Spoilage Cutter Company. They were selling patented safety cutter called Zepher Model 102. This was followed by a larger tool called Zepher 105. During the 90s, the success of the company continued and other safety tools were being imported from Martor Company in Solingen Germany and were being sold in the US. The demand for safety cutters continued to increase and before 2000, the name of the company was changed to Martor USA, Division of The Spoilage Cutter Co., Inc.

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