Box Converters for Sale in The Source

The Source offers two of the best box converters on the market today, the Zinwell analog pass-through digital TV converter and the Digital TV signal converter. The former is a digital to analog TV box converter. The Zinwell ZAT 970-A allows you to watch Digital TV channels free of charge. According to product reviews, the Zinwell ZAT 970-A delivers DVD-quality images. Besides the pass-through feature which allows you to still watch Canadian analog channels that are soon getting off the air by end of August this year, this box converter also includes an automatic scan feature so that you can search for digital channels in your area and store them as well.

The Digital TV Signal Converter on the other hand, allows analog TB’s and digital ready TV’s to be able to receive off-air UHF and VHF digital television signals by simply connecting the antenna.

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