Black Friday 2009 Ads


Black Friday 2009 Ads: To those who have no idea what a 2009 Black Friday Sale means, well it can be summed up into three words – national shopping event. We also have our own version of the Black Friday sale here in the Philippines such as the 3-day sales or weeklong sales offered by our country’s leading shopping malls, but in the US, it’s a huge one-day affair. You better start planning your shopping list because you only have one week to prepare for this big day. And one more thing, according to the Consumer Report’s Money Blog, 97% of the US population haven’t started nor completed their holiday shopping.

Black Friday 2009 Ads – Here are some of the important things to note regarding the 2009 Black Friday sale:

Walmart will be opening its doors at 6am on Thanksgiving Day. They will be welcoming shoppers all night. Walmart will be cutting 40% off in 50 big items during that day.

Old Navy will be slashing 50% off on outerwear prices and will be offering sweaters at $15.

Target and Best Buy will open their doors at 5am. JC Penny will be entertaining shoppers at 4am while Kmart will open at 6am.

Tip: If you have a smartphone (ex. iPhones, Motorola Droids, Blackberry), use it for mobile shopping and it will definitely help lessen the stress brought by the holiday shopping rush.

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