Being in a Corporate World – Enslaving or Worth the Money?

Being in a Corporate World - Enslaving or Worth the Money

I would just like to bring up the idea of working in a corporate world. When I say working in a corporate world, you go to an office at least five times a week, around eight to nine hours a day, to work your ass off and receive bi-monthly or monthly salary. That’s the simplest and direct to the point definition that I have come up. If you have a deeper and more interesting definition, I would love to hear that.

So here’s the thing, corporate “slaves” are called by that name for a reason. So why “slave”? The simplest thought that pops out of my head is that in a corporate world, we are like slaves working for a higher authority. We are like trapped in shackles. We wake up everyday, feeling the grasp of the corporate hands sinking deep down our throats. We go home tired, dreading tomorrow for it will be another day of shackles and whips. Pretty harsh right? But that is just one side of the argument. As mentioned in the title, the big question is if working in a corporate world can be treated as more of an enslaving activity or something that’s worth the pay.

Why not treat corporate life as something that provides day-to-day challenges and will be instrumental in developing you as a person and as a “creator”? Every professional can be called a “creator” in his/her own right. What we create depends on our line of work. Accountants create solutions to financial problems, computer programmers create software applications, call-center agents create customer satisfaction, marketing associates create business relationships and sales, and so on. With this “creation” concept we can derive positive attitude towards our day-to-day encounters in the corporate world. Every single creation can contribute towards making the world a better place.

In my opinion, being in the corporate world is worth the money, at a certain period of time. I am not planning to become a corporate man for a very long time. Who would? I know some will, but most of us would rather step out of the box and go with our passions. But what if being a corporate man is your passion? Well that’s a different story.

So to conclude this pseudo-ranting-slash-opinionated article, I can say that the consequences of working in a corporate setting can be defined by the person himself. It’s what the gears inside your head that counts. It’s how you see it or what you feel about it. If you think that you are being enslaved, maybe it’s time to look for something else to do. But if you have no choice (because this is the best way to earn regular income for you for example), I suggest you shift your thinking towards a more positive outlook. Being part of the corporate world is hard and sometimes agonizing. The day-to-day stress can wear you down and break you to pieces. But try to take things one day at a time. See it as a life challenge. Treat it as a catalyst that will trigger your growth as a professional, a creator and as a person. So what are your thoughts? Are you a corporate slave or a professional creator? Any suggestions on how to switch the brain towards thinking positively about corporate life?

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