Atrium Windows and Doors

The leading manufacturer of residential and aluminum windows in North America is Atrium Companies, Inc.  The original name of the company which started in Rural Hall, North Carolina in 1948 is The Aluminum Products Company. When vinyl became popular as window material, they change the name of the company to Ellson Windows and Doors. At present, the name of the company is Atrium Windows and Doors which they started using after acquiring a window manufacturing firm in year 2000.
Serving all 50 states including British Columbia and Canada, Atrium Windows and Doors offers products for remodeling applications, replacement and new constructions among others. The windows are cost-effective and energy-efficient so that any atrium windows review that you see on the Internet states that consumers get to enjoy more savings on the energy bills all year-round.

Atrium Windows and Doors Company offers products that provide solution to common atrium windows problems. They help resist the heat of the sun during summer and at the same time embrace the warmth come winter time. When you purchase Atrium windows and patio doors, you can have it specified to meet Energy Star criteria for your climate zone.

Contractors and retailers including builders, re-modelers and lumberyards prefer atrium windows from Atrium windows and Doors Company. They are not just strong and safe but all products are guaranteed manufactured under strict quality and environmental regulations and standards which mean they are less likely to experience atrium windows problems. Customers also get up to 30% deduction on their taxes when they use Atrium windows because all windows comply with the low-energy-consuming SHGC regulations.

A wide range of products for residential and business constructions are available throughout the company’s distribution centers in more than 23 U.S. states. To educate construction professionals and other customers on window safety, Atrium windows and Doors sponsors a Window Safety Week each year.

There is an inward tilt in all Atrium windows so that they can be cleaned easily. And to save you from cleaning them frequently, you can have the optional grids between glass panes. All the products come with a transferable limited-life warranty.

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