Armani Sunglasses

If you go over the Internet today, you’ll find different types of lens and frames technologies for sunglasses. Choose sunglasses with frame and lens that fit close to your face and suit your lifestyle. If you have an active lifestyle, a plastic frame and polycarbonate plastic lens will work best for you because they are lightweight and are more resistant to any impact. Glass lenses are scratch-resistant but they are heavier compared to plastic lenses. Polarized, mirrored and photochromic lenses are now common in most sunglasses and they come in very handy under intense light conditions and they provide protection also from the harmful UV rays. Wearing sunglasses can also add zest to your fashion sense. One of the best in the market today is Giorgio Armani sunglasses. Known for its sophisticated, classic and modern designs, the lenses are scratch and impact-resistant and also provide 100% UV protection.

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