Anabolic Halo by MuscleTech

MuscleTech offers a post-workout drink that helps enhance the muscles called Anabolic Halo. It contains compounds like amino acids, vitamins, creatine, and all natural extracts that can provide a “multi-platformed” system of muscle growth. This supplement which contains more than 70 ingredients is based on Cryogenic Thermomolecular Technology that freezes some of the ingredients together and this makes Anabolic Halo a bestseller.

There are 6 different ways how the muscles are built. Initially, it helps in the development of new androgen receptors which allows the increase of testosterone in the muscles helping them to build up faster. Then, insulin is deployed to help the muscles’ cells grow bigger. Then anabolism is boosted through the regulation of the hormones, proteins and amino acids. Next, the growth inhibitors are removed so that catabolism in the muscles is prevented. Then the satellite cells are activated until the muscle fiber is increased resulting to more muscles in your body.

Although only some of the ingredients are clinically tested, most of the ingredients were proven to do their jobs to help enhance the muscles. Besides nausea and diarrhea, no other serious side effects have been reported so generally speaking, Anabolic Halo is safe and a lot of those who have tried this product got the results they expected. There are a few reports about the price being high but other than that, most users are satisfied.

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