Alcohol Rehab in Florida – Unity Recovery Center Inc

There is a holistic drug rehab and alcohol treatment center in Florida called Unity Recovery Center Inc. They offer first-class quality services that are not heavy on the budget. They provide treatment programs that are specially created depending on the needs of each and every patient. They take pride in healing and rehabilitating their individual patients with utmost privacy. Once you have completed your alcohol treatment and/or drug addiction program, the Unity Recovery Center Inc. encourages that you still have an open contact with the center to make sure that continuous precaution is attained. By maintaining a close contact and showing constant care for the patient, they believe that there’s a better chance to achieve lifelong recovery to keep the patient from drug addiction and alcoholism.

The Unity Drug and alcohol rehab Florida provides a distinctive approach different from other Florida drug and alcohol treatment programs. They offer an all-inclusive nutrition & fitness and pain management program adaptable to the individual needs of the patients. Rest assured that they employ only highly trained therapists to guide all patients as they go through the healing process and as they reach the stage where in they are focused on being alcohol and drug free. They make use of an approach in such a way that the welfare and nutrition of the patients are enhanced. They also build a sober support system for each and every patient.

The treatment programs they offer include anger management, relapse prevention tracks, trauma therapy, group therapy, individual counseling and spiritual counseling as well. Every patient is also provided with an in-depth education on the disease of drug addiction and alcoholism. The programs can be premeditated for the treatment of cross addictions which include gambling, eating disorders, and sex addiction among others.

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