Accurate Phentermine Diet Pill Reviews

Among the many diet pills available in the market today, Phentermine is the one that you can get via prescription. However, based on accurate Phentermine diet pill reviews, this pill is not highly recommended to anyone. It is true that Phentermine is FDA approved but it still has many daunting factors. For one, you are not supposed to take Phentermine if you are taking any other diet pills. The risk is too dangerous because the interactions can lead to lung failure. And because Phentermine is closely related to Amphetamine, the pill is most likely to be addictive. Phentermine also affects your capacity to think clearly.

There are accurate Phentermine diet pill reviews also indicating that you should take Phentermine for a maximum of a few weeks only. Close doctor monitoring is also required while taking Phentermine. There are side effects also that need immediate doctor’s attention. Drug interactions are the most dangerous side effects while taking Phentermine because it could lead to vital organ damage or failure.

Now if you ask for an over the counter imitation of Phentermine, on top of the list is Phentremine, also known as Phentremine-X and Phentremine Civ-xR. It contains a lot of caffeine and other hyped up ingredients like Hoodia gordonii, Citrus aurantium, Senna, Evodiamines, Alpha lipoic acid, White willow extract, and Yohimbe extract. Studies show that most of these ingredients don’t actually work. And adding insult to injury, there have been reports of some serious side effects in connection with taking Phentremine which include heart palpitations. Pretty scary isn’t it?

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