10 Useful Health Tips

Health and Fitness TipsHaving a healthy body is one way of enjoying life. I scavenged the Internet for some general tips on how to maintain a healthy body. Just for the record, I am not a health guru and I am just a typical 20-something dude who loves to eat meat and junk food.

Here’s a list of useful health tips obtained from the Health and Fitness Tips website:

1. Move More – Fhere are lots of ways to do this. You definitely know what you want so go on and move!
2. Cut Fat – It’s as simple as this, Too Much Fat -> Death.
3. Quit Smoking – I have heard this countless of times. Good thing I am not a smoker.
4. Reduce Stress – Living a stress free life is like breezing through your day-to-day activities without worrying about anything and taking challenges with a smile. Find a stress buster routine that suits you.
5. Protect Yourself from Pollution – Translation: Wear a mask.
6. Wear Your Seat Belt – This may be an odd tip but wearing a seat belt is really something that can save your life.
7. Floss Your Teeth – Here’s another odd tip. But according to recent studies, there exists a direct connection between teeth flossing and a person’s longevity and health awareness.
8. Avoid Excessive Drinking – Excessive drinking can lead to kidney and liver problems as well as cancer.
9. Keep a Positive Mental Outlook – Smile. Have a cheerful outlook in life.
10. Choose Your Parents Well – If you have unhealthy parents, don’t be sucked up to the fact that you will also be unhealthy whatever happens. Your health is in your hands.

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