Getting My Blogging Groove Back

So I’ve been blogging for almost eight years now. And I’ve been thinking, if I had focused on my blogging and became serious about it for eight straight years, I could have been very rich right now. Who knows? I definitely can write. But I lack the discipline to keep writing regularly for my blogs. I’ts just that my blogging appetite have been on and off for the past eight years. I can turn things around though. I just need that single piece of puzzle that’s missing. And that is consistency. And now that I have brought back my blogging groove (and hopefully I won’t lose it anymore), I’ll keep on writing posts and will keep on managing my blogs on a regular basis. Easy to say huh? We’ll I wouldn’t want to be that blogger who keeps on bringing back to life this website and then killing it again after several months. I want to be that blogger who continuously writes good stuff (not like this one) and who keeps on getting more links and raking increased number of readers. That’s who I want to be.

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Epiphone Acoustic Bass

A feted instrument of modern music, the bass guitar works practically in any genre. It is true that the electric bass has the visual appeal and it does provide a distinctive stage presence but the need for amplification could be a disadvantage. This is when you appreciate the eccentricity of the acoustic bass guitar. Just like an old-fashioned acoustic guitar, the full hollow body of the acoustic bass can provide amazing sounds even if you don’t use an amplifier. Your acoustic bass can provide the same versatility that your bass guitar has to offer. There are different body shapes and styles that you can find and each looks great on its own right. One of the most famous brands is the Epiphone acoustic bass, just look for the acoustic bass that appeals to you and most importantly, works for you personally.

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WordPress – 404 Error on All Pages Except Homepage

If you are reading this, most probably you are encountering the issue stated in the title of this blog post. Put that depressed look off your face and replace it with a smile because I’ve got the solution to that problem. I just actually saw this in a random forum and I am posting this for the sake of spreading the good word to all my fellow bloggers.

How do you solve the issue of having 404 error on all the pages except the homepage in WordPress? It’s a simple process consisting of two basic steps.

  1. Go to Settings > Permalinks.
  2. Press “Save Changes”. (no need to make any change in the settings)

And there you go! Problem solved!

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The PGXD14 Wireless Guitar System

If you want your guitar and bass to have quality audio and freedom on stage, join now.. and experience the PGXD14 Wireless Guitar System. With its remarkable features such as WA302 instrument cable, PGXD1 body pack transmitter, and PGXD4 wireless receiver, you can bring your wireless performances to the next level and achieve the precision of 24-bit digital audio for your Shure microphone options. The PGXD1 bodypack transmitter looks rugged but it’s very simple to use, just clip it to the guitar strap or onto a belt. Using only 2 standard AA batteries, you can enjoy a 20Hz – 20kHz frequency range that can last up to 10 hours when used continuously. The digital diversity of the PCDX4 receiver can give you auto frequency selection, 24-bit/48kHz accurate sound and very reliable. A guitar, bass or any 1/4″ line-level instrument output is compatible with the WA302 instrument cable.

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