Housekeeping for Couples

Maintaining a home is not an easy task, especially if you are just starting out as a family and you still haven’t gotten the groove of how things are done at home. I just got married a couple of years ago and our dream house was just recently finished. The space is pretty big for the two of us but we try to keep things simple by minimizing our belongings and any other household items that can contribute to clutter. There are lots of ways to learn effective housekeeping for couples. You just need to dedicate your time and  be mindful enough of all your actions while handling whatever tasks you have at home. Cleaning, arranging, maintaining and protecting your household can be fun if you do it together with your loved one.

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Vancouver Wish List

Some things that I am planning to buy while I am here at Vancouver:

  • External portable hard drive – I currently have two portable hard drives and they are both full.
  • All-terrain shoes – my officemates slash onshore buddies are planning to have several hiking/trekking activities. I will need the right kind of shoes for that.
  • A bunch of supplements.

Yes. Just three items for now. I don’t want to use up all my funds. I am planning to bring home more money so I can proceed with my Sylvester Project (my silver Honda Civic FD).

Updates as of March 3: I have already bought a Western Digital 2TB portable hard drive and I love it! I only got it for $109 at Best Buy. I also bough a pair of Merrell shoes which was really a treat to wear.

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White Collar Will Be Missed

Last night I watched the last episode of the White Collar series. It was a great ending to say the least. Or perhaps “great ending” was an understatement. Somehow it felt like the story was a bit cramped up. Only six episodes for the final season? You gotta be kidding me! Oh well, regardless of that, it was still a blast watching Neal Caffrey, Peter Burke and Mozzie, strut their stuff every single episode.

Peter Burke was a very solid character. And many viewers will see him as a role model. He is firm with his principles. And he’s very dedicated with his job and his family. A true man of honor indeed.

Mozzie can be seen as the genius. He is a pivotal character in the series. He is the man behind the success of Neal, and even the FBI. His intelligence, critical thinking, craftsmanship  and unique set of skills made me admire his character.

But I will definitely miss Neal Caffrey a lot. He’s the epitome of the guy who makes things happen whenever he wants to. He always finds a way to achieve his goals. He is a master planner. He sees all angles and probable situations. I can say he is a genius as well – an artistic genius. I even shed some tears when he “died”. Though at the back of my head, it was just his ultimate con.

I will definitely miss the White Collar series. Making a movie (or TV movie perhaps?) based on the plot of this series can be an interesting one. But I am not raising my hopes for that. Good thing I have a complete set of all the episodes in my digital storage. I may be watching this series all over again in a few years. Or perhaps I’ll introduce this to my future son/daughter.

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Blog Clean Up

Happy new year everyone! Yesterday I renewed my GoDaddy domain for this blog. And I have noticed that this blog has been infested with advertiser links. So for the coming days I will be cleaning up this blog. I will get rid of old paid links. I will search engine optimize the blog posts and I am also planning to add more authentic content. This website has been around for so many years (seven I think?) and it deserves some major clean up.

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