Battle in the East is Getting Tighter

The NBA Eastern Conference teams are going at it. The remaining games are crucial for some teams as far as playoffs positioning is concerned. The teams from the 5th seed, down to the 10th spot won a game tonight.

5th seed Boston Celtics beat the Orlando Magic 107-96. 6th seed Hornets came from a 23-point deficit to beat the San Antonio Spurs 91-88. 7th seed Indiana Pacers toppled the bottom placed Philadelphia 76ers 91-75.

The battle for the 8th and final spot is very close between the Detroit Pistons, Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards who are all having winning streaks as of the moment. The 8th seeder Pistons defeated the Bucks 92-91. Looking in from the ninth spot, the Chicago Bulls, defeated the Sacramento Kings , 109-102. The Washington Wizards beat the Atlanta Hawks, 117-102.

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Best Buy Microphone

Musician’s Friend is one of the largest online guitar stores in the world. Aside from the finest guitars, bases and amps, they also offer anything you need related to sound and music. If you are looking for best buy microphone, Musician’s Friend got you covered. There are different types of microphones available at a wide range of prices. Every selection is of great value and can be very useful to mix up guitar amps, including vocals. At Musician’s Friend, you are assured that any best buy microphone you choose will get the job done. Best buy microphone would be a reasonable choice if you just wanted additional microphones and most especially if you are on a budget constraint.

If you want to find the right microphone that will meet your budget and needs, look over the most important characteristics of different types and models of microphones available. Sure, once you start searching, you will be flooded by the glut of specs and features of hundreds of models available on the market. See to it that the best buy microphone of your choice will be a capable performer in different aspects. While it is true that the microphone’s price is a major basis for comparison, make sure that performance and quality should not be compromised.

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Supplement Edge Body Building Products

If you are into weight lifting or going on a full time body building, you have supplement needs that have to be fulfilled. Supplement Edge offers a wide variety of supplements and where you can have your money’s worth. Customer service is top priority for them, always striving to provide excellent customer satisfaction. Supplement Edge also has high regards for customer loyalty.

Protein powders, recovery formulas and other supplements are very useful for body builders, athletes, and gym enthusiasts, among others. These are very helpful for hard training and fast recovery. However, prices of these items can add up too quickly and can cause detriment to the budget. At Supplement Edge, there is a wide range of discount supplements. There are excellent, inexpensive products from reputable brands that everyone can try.

A wide selection of discount body building supplements is available from distinguished and reliable brands. Some of the brands include Universal Nutrition, MuscleTech, USP Labs, MuscleMeds, Optimum Nutrition and many others. It is common knowledge that ordering any product from any of these brands means that you are getting something that is trusted by everyone such as professional athletes, body builders and even ordinary people who intended to build some muscles.

If you are ready to work out, start building muscle and want to recover fast and easy, there are tons of products including a wide selection of discount supplements that can help you easy breezy go through it. These life-changing products can help you advance your phase and meet your target. And to make things even better, these amazing products are available at very low prices.

Supplement Edge offers discount body building supplements as part of the company’s overall goal which is to provide inexpensive yet excellent products and at the same time giving their clientele exceptional service. In line with this, was created for customers to safely and securely browse their product directory.

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Texas Special Pickups

Put some attitude to your vintage Start pickups and overwind them for more midrange, punch and output. The Fender Custom Shop Texas Special Strat Pickups are calibrated for every position using a reverse coil, reverse-wound middle pickup to cancel the noise. This is showcased in the Stevie Ray guitar. The Texas Special Pickups is wat you need if you are aiming for lots of midrange bark and crisp high-end bite.

You can rely on different kinds of strings, amp settings and pedals to help you achieve a good blues tone, but getting the Texas Special Pickups will make it easier for you to dial in that throaty Texas sound. Even if you already have a versatile setup, say like an an Egnater Tweaker and Boss ME-70, you will be surprised that the stock pups of Texas Special can provide an incredible change in the quality of sound.

When the highs cut through the mix, the harsh sound can be avoided with the right blend of the Bridge. Even if the Middle is in fact very functional, using it with the wrong stock pups may just produce an awful sound. The poor quality of the Middle can cause the 2 and 4 positions to suffer. However, with the use of the Texas special pickups, all 5 positions will sound equally great.

You can achieve a nice crunch and the single-note clarity still remain by cracking up the gain. They work harmoniously with any change on the tone knobs. Installment is pretty much very easy even if you have no previous experience working the electronics. Trying to strip the braided wires could be an issue but any inconvenience will be all worth it.

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